Mission Statement: OneGo provides users a goto app that shows all that their cities nightlife has to offer in a very detailed specific, yet user friendly way, allowing them to breeze seamlessly through nightlife events that are going on in their neighborhood.

Industry: Nightclub, Bars

Customers: Customers interested in OneGo will be adults who enjoy going to nightclubs, bars, and like to know about all the different nightlife that is available in their community, and outside.

Problems that OneGo solves: OneGo offers the opportunity for you to see all that your cities nightclubs, and Bars have to offer. This app will be strictly for nightclub parties, and Bars it will be different from other apps because it caters to this specific niche market of people allowing you to see everything you want, and nothing you do not. It is more detail oriented than other mobile apps although it is in a very popular niche market allowing you to filter to figure out the specifics of what music the club will be playing that night, and what the cover is, the dress code, and possibly giving you the option to buy a ticket directly through the app or reserve one from a local ticket seller.

Why OneGo works: Many people like to go out to the club, and enjoy themselves but often find themselves getting tired of their nightlife because they are always going to the same places. OneGo offers them a fun way to find events that are different from where they usually go but exactly what they are looking for. Keeping the nightlife in the city is a main priority of OneGo, and exposing different people to different cultures is a goal we hope to achieve through our platform